Interested in fundraising for a charity? We offer many options to support worthy organizations throughout the country. With a minimum donation of financial support (varies by charity), you’ll receive a race entry to a Big Sur Marathon event and, in some cases, online training and/or other benefits from the charity.


We welcome our 2018 Official Charity Partners! 

Autism Speaks  

Back on My Feet   

Boomer Esiason Foundation     

Children of Peru   

Chrohn’s & Colitis Foundation     

CureSearch for Children’s Cancer   

Endure to Cure     

Every Mother Counts   

Fisher House Foundation   

Inheritance of Hope   

Lazarex Cancer Foundation    

Move For Hunger   

Parkinson’s Foundation      Parkinson's Foundation

Allyson Whitney Foundation

Save the Children   

Semper Fi Fund   

When considering the charity fundraising option, please keep in mind that it is unfair to commit if you have no real intention or realistic possibility of raising the agreed fundraising target. Don’t be put off by the amount that has to be raised; fundraising isn’t as difficult as you might expect, especially if you start early and get family and friends to help. If possible, look to a charity that has meaning for you, whether in memory of a family member, to support a friend, or because of your own personal experience.