Who is eligible to transfer their bib?

Any current 2022 BSIM weekend entrant in any race distance with the exception of those running for one of our charity partners or those in our Boston 2 Big Sur division.

Who can purchase a bib?

Anyone not already entered in the race. (If you are already a 2022 race entrant but want to run another distance, you can try a category change. See question number 13 below.)

What is the cost of transferring a bib and who pays this?

$30 plus transaction fee for $32.32 total – Marathon, 21 miler, or 11 miler
$20 plus transaction fee for $21.55 total – 12K
$10 plus transaction fee for $10.77 total – 5K

The person selling the bib can decide if the buyer or seller pays during the transfer process.

What is the date window when transfers are allowed?

January 15 to March 20, 2022.

Where are the best places to try to find a bib to buy or to sell a bib?

There are currently three Facebook pages that are the best places to match bib sellers with interested buyers. You can search for these on Facebook. “Big Sur International Marathon Bib Exchange” and “Big Sur International Marathon 2022” are pages set-up by a longtime Big Sur Marathon runner. The “Big Sur International Marathon” page is set up and monitored by race staff. Good luck! There are currently no other bib exchange options for those not on Facebook. 

How is payment handled between bib seller and bib buyer?

It is up to the buyer and seller to determine the price and payment method. Paypal, Venmo, and Zelle are three common peer-to-peer payment methods. The Big Sur Marathon does not get involved in the price negotiation or payment method.  

How do I know the person who wants to sell me a bib is legitimate?

There is an event public page with Haku, our registration company, that anyone can use to confirm who is entered in one of the April 24, 2022 Big Sur events.

Click on this link : https://events.hakuapp.com/1f1a7fdd0c68f02cc8ab

Type the name of the person selling the bib in the “Confirm Your Registration” box at the top. The name, age, hometown, and category of the entrant will appear. This confirms they are an entrant in the April 24, 2022 race. If the person does not appear, be sure to confirm correct spelling of the name they used to register. Please do not contact the Big Sur Marathon staff to confirm a race entry. 

As with anything on the internet, there are scammers out there. We suggest buyers confirm the authenticity of the seller before providing payment for a bib. A bib buyer may also want to wait to pay for a bib until they receive an email from Haku, our registration company, inviting them to register. When this email is received from Haku, you will know the bib seller has agreed to transfer his/her bib to you.

Once I have found a buyer for a bib I want to sell, what’s the next step?

The seller of the bib should log into their participant account. You need to know your log in information, http://haku.ly/BSMF. If you have forgotten your log in, contact support@hakusports.com.

Click on the “Your Registrations” tab. Inside this tab you will see your active registration, click on “Edit Registration.”

Click on the “Registration Options” button on the bottom of the screen. Inside this tab, you will have access to make changes to your registration such as switching categories or transferring your registration to another person.

Select your registration option and complete the process including how the transfer fee will be paid (by the bib seller or the bib buyer). Enter the first and last name and email of the person buying your entry and then hit the green button to send the transfer request to haku. 

The new participant buying the bib will receive an email to finish registering for the event. Note if the new participant does not register for the event, the transfer will not count as registered. 

There is also a one-page instruction sheet on the registration page of our website, https://www.bigsurmarathon.org/cancellation-and-downgrade-policies/

Once the transfer is complete, the seller will be removed from the 2022 race database and the new bib owner will be added to receive important 2022 race information. The seller will stay in our general database for future race information.

If I buy a bib, can I then downgrade or upgrade the bib to another race distance?

Yes, but only if there is space available in the desired distance and for additional fee. There is no credit for the cost of the bib already bought and the entry fee charged will be the entire entry fee for the new distance.

If I buy a bib and later find I can’t run, can I resell the bib I just bought?

Yes, anyone who buys a bib can try to transfer it to someone else again, if needed, by the March 20 deadline. They would follow the procedure shown in question 8 above.

What is the deadline for bib transfers?

March 20, 2022. This deadline allows the new entrant/bib buyer to still get a personalized race bib.

Does the buyer of my bib have to agree to all the same terms and conditions I did when I entered (course time limits, no refunds or deferrals, following COVID protocols, etc.)?

Yes. The person buying the bib will be subject to and should understand all of our race terms including the course time limit, COVID protocols, and other race rules, and procedures. These are listed on the registration page at bigsurmarathon.org. 

I am in the race but I want to upgrade to a longer distance or downgrade to a shorter distance. How can I do that?

If your desired distance is available, a current entrant can initiate a category in their haku account. Upgrading from a shorter distance to the marathon is NOT available. You can only upgrade or downgrade to a distance if we have spots available in that particular distance. The availability will vary from time to time. There is a $21.55 to change categories plus any difference in race entry fees for a longer distance. There is no refund available if you downgrade to a shorter distance with a lower entry fee. To try to change race categories, follow the directions listed in question 8 above or download the PDF on the registration page of our website, https://www.bigsurmarathon.org/cancellation-and-downgrade-policies/

What’s the difference between a category change and a bib transfer?

A category change is when one person already in the race changes their registration to another race distance. A transfer is selling your bib to another person not already in the race.

Do I need to be a Monterey County resident to buy a bib from someone from Monterey County? What about buying an international entry if I live in the U.S.?

No. Monterey County or international entries can be sold to anyone.

If I buy a bib, will I get the race shirt size I want?

Yes. The buyer will fill out a new registration form where they can choose the shirt size they want.

If I am already in the race at a certain distance but want to run another distance, can I buy a bib for the new distance and get a refund for my old race distance?

No, we do not provide refunds. If you are already in the race and want to run another distance, your best option is to try to change categories if there is space in your desired distance (see number 13 above).

I’m in the race but can’t run this year. Can I defer my 2022 entry until 2023 rather than try to sell it to someone?

No, we do not offer deferrals to 2023 or later. If you are in the race but can’t run in 2022, and did not purchase the registration protection when you entered, the best way to possibly recoup the cost of your entry is to find a buyer and do a bib transfer.

When I registered, I also purchased Booking Protect insurance. Do I get that refunded if I sell my bib? Or, can that be transferred to the buyer of my bib?

No. Refunds for registration insurance are not available as the insurance is unique to the original buyer and not transferable.

Can I also buy the Registration Protect individual insurance when I buy a bib?

No. Registration insurance is not available for those buying an entry through the transfer process.

After I buy a bib, how do I purchase merchandise or pasta dinner tickets?

After registering, you can log into your haku account to purchase merchandise or pasta dinner tickets. 

Will transferring my bib this year affect my ability to get into the race in the future?

No. Anyone who agrees to the race terms can apply for future race entries.

When does registration open for the April 30, 2023 Big Sur Marathon?

We plan to open registration in July or August, 2022 for the April 28-30, 2023 race weekend. If you are not on our mailing list already, be sure to add your email address on the bottom of the home page at bigsurmarathon.org to be added to our contact list and follow us on social media for updates.

What if I have problems or additional questions?

For registration technical issues, contact haku support at support@hakusports.com, (831) 713-2227. For other registration questions, contact registration@bsim.org. For general race questions, please refer to the website, bigsurmarathon.org, or email the race director at doug@bsim.org

Good luck!

Your Big Sur Marathon Team