1. Why are you cancelling the November 14-15 race weekend now?

Since we last communicated with you on April 13, California adopted a comprehensive reopening plan. In this plan, it appears that mass gathering events like our weekend of races will not be possible until the final reopening phase and possibly until a vaccine or other therapeutics are widely available. The California plan was updated on May 25th and available here: https://covid19.ca.gov/roadmap/.

There are many unknowns both with this virus and its effects on large events. Our highest priority is always the safety of our participants, volunteers, friends and family, and residents. We are also very concerned about having access to needed public safety and medical officials, volunteers, and personal protection equipment and supplies during this ongoing crisis.

We are informing you as soon as we could to give you time to adjust your plans. Again, we are very sorry that this unprecedented international crisis has forced us to cancel our races.

2. What happens to our April 2020 entry fee?

All entrants of the 2020 Big Sur Marathon, Boston 2 Big Sur, Big Sur VIP, Marathon Relay, 21-Miler, 11-Miler, 12K, and 5K are eligible to receive a 60% refund of their entry fee or to donate their entry fee to our nonprofit organization. To receive this 60% refund, please “opt-in.” The window to make your selection begins today, June 3rd, and ends on July 3rd, 2020. Please click here to make your selection. You will need to complete a short form and create an account on our new registration platform, haku, to ensure we have your correct information on file. Add-on expenses and programs, such as the VIP and Boston 2 Big Sur programs, pasta party tickets and VIP/B2B guest tickets, will be refunded at 100% of the purchase price if requested.

You can view the refund amounts you are eligible for HERE or see them listed below:

Refund Amounts: Each April 2020 entrant paid one of the entry fees listed below. If you opt-in to be refunded 60% of your 2020 entry fee on or before July 3, 2020, below is amount you will see credited to your credit card on file beginning in July:

Big Sur Marathon

  • For Active Military who paid $150: $90 refund
  • For Monterey County residents who paid $160: $96 refund
  • For US residents who paid $199: $119 refund
  • For International residents who paid $225: $135 refund
  • For Big Sur VIP who paid $499: $419 refund
  • For Boston 2 Big Sur who paid $399: $319 refund
  • For Just Run entry donations, Monterey County residents who paid $320: $256 refund
  • For Just Run entry donations, US residents who paid $398: $318 refund
  • For Just Run entry donations, international residents who paid $450: $360 refund


  • For team captains who paid $330: $198 refund
  • For team captains who paid $350: $210 refund


  • For those who paid $140: $84 refund
  • For those who paid $155: $93 refund


  • For those who paid $120: $72 refund
  • For those who paid $130: $78 refund


  • For those who paid $100: $60 refund
  • For those who paid $120: $72 refund


  • For adults who paid $35: $21 refund
  • For adults who paid $42: $25 refund
  • For active duty military who paid $30: $18 refund
  • For active duty military who paid $37: $44 refund
  • For youth who paid $25: $15 refund
  • For youth who paid $30: $18 refund


  • Pasta Party tickets: $30
  • VIP guest passes: $25 or $40 (youth or adult)
  • B2B guest passes: $25 or $40 (youth or adult)
  • VIP Refuge spa tickets: $70 or $180 (entrance fee or entrance fee with massage)

If you don’t see your entry category above, feel free to check in with us at info@bsim.org. We have all the original entry fee information on file.

3. Why are you refunding only 60% of my entry fee?

Our team conducted a very thorough analysis to provide you with the greatest restitution possible. Races around the country and world have offered various entry restitution programs according to each organization’s unique situation. Unfortunately, our organization has had to weather five race cancellations in the last four years due to circumstances beyond our control. Providing a higher refund or deferrals to future races are not feasible options if we want to ensure the viability of our organization to put on races when it is safe to do so

4. Will I get a refund for pasta dinner tickets, friends and family tickets to the B2B or VIP tents or other special add-on purchases?

Yes, if requested, we will provide 100% refunds for these add-on purchases as well as the extra amounts paid to be a part of the Boston 2 Big Sur, VIP, or the Just Run Donation entry programs.

You can view the amounts you may be eligible for HERE.

5. How and when will I get a refund?

Please click here to make your selection. You will need to complete a short form and create an account on our new registration platform, haku, to ensure we have your correct information on file.

Refunds will begin in early July and it will take weeks and possibly months to process. We appreciate your patience.

6. Why does it say $0.00 paid when I register my refund choice?

The $0.00 you see when you register your refund choice is not a reflection of how much you paid for your entry or how much you will be refunded. Since you are registering your choice in “haku,” our new registration platform, the amount you paid for your entry in our former registration platform (Active.com) will not appear. We are aware of how much you paid for your registration entry and you will receive a 60% refund of your base entry fee. You can find those amounts here and in another answer below. Your card on file at the Active Network will be credited for this refund following the July 3 option registration closure date. We appreciate your patience, and assure you we will process all requests as quickly as possible.

7. What if the credit card I used to register is different, expired, not valid, etc.?

If your card has expired and been replaced by the same bank (same account number), the refund can still be applied. If the card has been closed and not transferred to a new number, one of two things will happen. The bank will issue a paper check and mail it to the last known address for the cardholder or the credit will be rejected and returned to Active.com, who processed your original entry and will process your refund. The funds would be returned to the Big Sur Marathon who could then manually process the refund if a new card number is supplied to us, or mail a check. Please allow 6 – 8 weeks for this. If you have any questions about this issue, contact info@bsim.org.

8. I’m in Boston 2 Big Sur. How will that work now?

We realize the 2020 Boston Marathon has also been canceled and that Boston has created a virtual run option. As we are not planning to have a virtual 2020 Big Sur Marathon, there will be no additional B2B benefits or awards in 2020.

9. Will there be a virtual Big Sur Marathon?

No, there will not be a virtual option for 2020 entrants of the Big Sur Marathon. However, we are working on some possible virtual run offerings over the next several months. We recently partnered with haku as our exclusive registration partner and plan to utilize the platform to provide some fun digital experiences for our community until it is once again safe to hold in-person events.

10. You previously asked us if we wanted to defer to 2021 or 2022; is this still an option?

No. This new refund program replaces the deferral options previously offered. All April 2020 entrants will have access to a “priority registration” period for the April 2021 or April 2022 Big Sur Marathon race weekends. We will provide more details on that program in the coming weeks or months, but please know that if you want to run in 2021 or 2022, you will have a chance to register before the general public and at the lowest entry fee available (the 2021 entry fees are yet to be announced).

11. Are you planning to hold the April 2021 Big Sur Marathon and, if so, when will registration open?

We are planning to produce a safe and beautiful event on April 25, 2021. As we have all experienced with the pandemic, however, the situation is very fluid. We continue to monitor the situation and will post any updates on our website at www.bigsurmarathon.org.

We anticipate opening registration for the April 25, 2021 weekend of races this summer with a risk-free entry reservation system. More details will be announced but this program would allow entrants to reserve a spot in the race without financial risk.  The entrant’s credit card would not be charged until the April 2021 event is clearly viable.

Please also note that future Big Sur Marathon races may look different than the past in order to maintain revised safety guidelines for large events. Like so many other areas, this continues to evolve and we will provide updates when possible, likely later this summer and fall.

12. Are you providing April 2020 entrants a guaranteed entry into a future Big Sur Marathon?

All April 2020 entrants will have the opportunity to enter the April 2021 or April 2022 race during a special “priority registration” period prior to registration for that year’s event opening to the public. All entry fees will apply.

If you wish to run with us in one of the next two years and choose to enter during this special early period, there will be a spot for you.

At the end of this limited priority registration period for April 2020 entrants, registration will open to the general public for any remaining spots on a first-come, first-served basis (no random drawings). We anticipate all distances will sell out once slots open to the public so any April 2020 entrants who wait to enter until after the priority registration window may find their race distance sold out.

13. I’d like to donate my entry fee to support the Big Sur Marathon Foundation instead of receiving a refund. What does my donation support and is it tax deductible?

Any and all donations would be greatly useful and appreciated. The Big Sur Marathon Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides approximately $400,000 in annual grants to over 100 other Monterey County-based nonprofit organizations. This year, with the loss of more than $2 million in entry fees and other income sources due to event cancellations, support to these needy organizations will be limited.

With your help, our local grant program will help get them through. If you choose to donate 100% of your entry fee and/or add-on fees to our organization, this could help us provide some support for our non-profit partners. This donation may be completely tax deductible to you (please consult with your tax advisor for details). In addition, those who choose to donate will receive a guaranteed entry opportunity for a Big Sur Marathon event in 2021 or 2022.

14. What’s happening with the 2020 Monterey Bay Half Marathon?

The Monterey Bay Half Marathon, scheduled for November 14, has been canceled as well and will be converted to a virtual event. Registration has not opened for the event so there is no need for an entry refund program.

Any entrants from the canceled November 2018 Monterey Bay Half Marathon that had deferred to the 2020 race will automatically be moved to the November 14, 2021 Monterey Bay Half Marathon or, if requested, the November 13, 2022 race.

15. I registered through a tour group or was a fundraiser for a charity partner. What about me?

If you were provided an entry from a tour group or another fundraising charity, please reach out to your program’s administrator for specific answers about your restitution and fundraising efforts.

16. What are the implications for future Big Sur Marathon events?

Like so many businesses, our organization has and will continue to be substantially affected by this situation. We are taking all measures to insure the continuation of our world-class events.

17. Who/where do I contact if I have more questions or if I am not happy with the refund plan?

If you have additional questions, please email us at info@bsim.org or call haku customer support at 831.713.2227. Due to the shelter-in-place requirements for Monterey County, all Big Sur Marathon Foundation staff are working remotely and not able to receive or place phone calls directly.

We understand that no option we provide works for everyone. We ask for your understanding during this critical time for our organization. The refund/donation option is the best we can offer, and we are unable to provide special consideration to any entrant or provide other options.