How can I volunteer?

All volunteers are recruited through local non-profit organizations affiliated with the Big Sur Marathon Foundation.

I'm not part of a group. How can I help?

For the safety of our runners and volunteers, all volunteers are recruited exclusively by Team Captains from local community groups who oversee and manage their volunteers. We do not have a program for unaffiliated volunteers; however, we can provide a list of current volunteer teams upon request. Please contact for more information.

Why can't I volunteer as an individual?

Road races have a lot of moving parts and for the safety of our runners and volunteers, it is best for tasks to be carefully managed by Team Captains with the appropriate number of volunteers specifically recruited and trained to help in specific areas. In addition, many of these community groups have volunteered for years and understand their tasks well, helping for an efficient and safe race weekend.

How can my group get involved?

Please contact if you are interested in becoming a Team Captain for a Monterey County volunteer team or call the Marathon office at 831-625-6226 during regular business hours.