A series of severe winter storms have caused heavy damage to both areas affected by the Soberanes Fire of 2016 and drought-weakened vegetation and slopes throughout Big Sur. Although slides and damage on the Marathon course have been repaired and our race will run as designed, landslides and road damage has closed miles of Highway 1 south of our course along with county and private roads, effectively isolating over 400 members of the community. Tree root systems weakened by the fire and the drought are now falling, blocking roadways and, in a recent case, destroying several family homes. The impact and the needs are unfolding daily.

How You Can Help

The Big Sur Marathon has set up a fund raising program to aid those in need. All funds raised will go to the Coast Property Owners Association of Big Sur (CPOA), a 50-year-old community non-profit whose mission is to “provide for the health, safety and welfare of the Big Sur Community.”  Based on CPOA’s experience providing recovery assistance after major area fires in 2008 and 2013, their board knows that monetary donations are the most leveraged way donors can help families and businesses recover. The CPOA board is made up of folks who live in the community and work closely with those affected to ensure fair and equitable distribution of donor dollars.

In the words of a few Big Sur leaders, “Right now, the Big Sur community needs the Marathon to give us the feeling of normalcy. It will bring much needed revenue to the area as well as a feeling of stability–not only for the loyal marathon runners but for the community.”

We hope you will join us in supporting our friends in the Big Sur community. Thank you.